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How do you build a new interdisciplinary knowledge centre at a large, reputable university? Apart from the necessary foundations described here and here? How do you go from vision to action?

Our centre director, professor Martin Garwicz, was appointed almost two years ago and he gave an interview back then. That interview is still very much readable in its entirety. As is, indeed, our plan of operations, finalised in autumn 2021.

The slightly shorter version (also Martin’s):

The interdisciplinary approach to issues of science, education and societal engagement at Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities is reflected both in our long-term recruitment strategy and everyday operation.

Our philosophy and modus operandi, are to strive towards re-creating the university, in its etymological essence, as a collection of masters and students. In our interdisciplinary team of colleagues, each is a master of their own discipline, but also a student of a dozen of others.

We cannot carry out research, education and engage in societal outreach at the level stipulated by our statutes without enthusiastic contributions from others. Instead, we try to inspire, stimulate, facilitate, initiate and coordinate in dialogue, collaborations and co-creation with others – individuals as well as groups and organizations.

In this way, we want to be an interdisciplinary forum for anyone interested in scientific, educational or societal issues related to healthcare or healthcare professions.

January 15, 2023

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