May we present: A very special honoris causa

We’ve been occupied with professor Rita Charon this autumn and I’ve written about her here and here. She sent us her thoughts and recommendations just days after her visit in Lund and we still dwell on the content:

“I recognize that you have already exceeded the aspirations and accomplishments of many medical humanities programs in US and Nordic/European universities. Some features are conceptual, and some are very practical and concrete”

Not bad after just one year, eh?

“The fact that your director and co-director are a neuroscientist and a literary scholar is very telling. This feature will over time reap great harvest, for the creative ferment in the sciences feeds our ferment in the humanities.”

Martin Garwicz (director) and Katarina Bernhardsson (co-director) make a brilliant team, not only because of the above, but because they are who they are as individual scholars and leaders, and as the combined centre management. Read more about them (in Swedish) here: Medicinsk humaniora ger utrymme för nya tankesätt | Lunds universitet

“The projects the Fellows are undertaking are, almost without exception, substantive and collaborative and will have a real impact on the Centre’s and university’s actual work…”

I’ll get back to Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities’ golden staff, the 11 bright scholars from various disciplines – our fellows. They will, in time, present themselves, their actions and thoughts in this blog too.

“That the Vice Chancellor came to the Sandblom lecture and dinner means a whole lot. … Eric’s engagement signals an endorsement of this partnership and commitment to its growth.”

Yes, we have a dedicated Vice Chancellor at Lund University, Erik Renström, which means a lot to us, it really does!

Does it surprise you that we nominated this extraordinary person as an Honorary doctor at the Medical faculty at Lund University? A no-brainer, right? And that she was appointed? Clearly, no surprise there either. Read the announcement here.

So: Welcome back in May 2023, professor Charon! 

November 30, 2022

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