Professor Rita Charon delivers Philip Sandblom Prize Lecture 2022

And suddenly, Professor Rita Charon was in the room! And not in just any room. Our announcement of the lecture (below) lead to that the about 200 guests arrived a beautiful October afternoon and got a wonderful introduction of Rita Charon by BRCMHs own Katarina Bernhardsson, a lovely speech by Stefan Gautschi, the representative for Grace S Sandblom’s Endowment and a thought provoking, lecture by Rita Charon.

Read an interview with Rita Charon prior to the lecture here: Sandblom Prize: Expanding creativity in clinical worlds through narrative medicine | Faculty of Medicine, Lund University

And as the week proceeded, Rita Charon participated in the Nordic Network of Narratives in Medicine conference in Lund, hosted by Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities, met BRCMHs fellows, senior advisor, affiliates and centre management and gave another lecture to the students at the medical programme as well. If we weren’t star struck before, we sure were after this week – and also filled with advice for the future. We just wish we could ask her back soon again.

Our announcement “Creativity in Life: How Literature, Art, and Music Affect Illness and Health”

One of the international pioneers of the medical humanities, Professor Rita Charon, M.D., Ph.D. at

Columbia University School of Professional Studies, will receive the Philip Sandblom Prize on 4 October. Welcome to join both reception and an open lecture (in English): “Creativity in Life: How Literature, Art, and Music Affect Illness and Health”  in LUX Auditorium at 16.15

Philip Sandblom Prize Lecture 2022 is sponsored by Grace S. Sandblom’s Endowment and Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities

What is it about?

Rita Charon will show, in words and pictures, how collaborative work in creative disciplines opens up readers and viewers to unique experiences of their embodied, subjective, relational selves—and of the embodied, subjective, relational selves of others. The title of the lecture is a play on words of Philip Sandblom’s influential book Creativity and Disease: How Illness Affects Literature, Art, and Music.

Philip Sandblom was professor of surgery at Lund University and was also the vice chancellor of Lund University during 1957-68. He had a great interest in the humanities and in modern art. In honour of his memory, his wife, Grace, created a fund to further stimulate students’ interest in medical humanities. The fund also gives annual support to prizes to distinguished lecturers in medical humanities. 

November 21, 2022

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