European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH)

… brings together nine universities from across Europe with outstanding expertise in Global Health. EUGLOH will build the European University of the future.

The EUGLOH consortium members are

  • Université Paris-Saclay (UPSaclay)
  • Lund University (LU)
  • University of Szeged (USZ)
  • University of Porto (UPorto)
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich)
  • University of Alcalá (UAH)
  • UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)
  • University of Novi Sad (UNS)
  • Universität Hamburg (UHH)

EUGLOGH is a part of the European Universities initiative | European Education Area (, The European Comission’s strategic work on higher education, student- and staff mobility etc.

Every time someone says: “EU-initiative” or “EU-project”, a part of me shudders. Not because the idea behind it – I’m proud to call myself a “true European” and the EU has a long-term commitment (followed by actual money) towards higher education issues. Not because of the actual initiatives or projects – often well thought through, relevant and necessary. But because of the process-times. Let’s face it: It takes forever until something can get done. So when “search for collaboration in EU-project”-e-mails and/or newsletters reach me, I open them with a tiny feeling of reluctance. But good thing I do open them.

In summer 2021, a call for collaboration regarding a research project about vaccination reluctance in people who work/will work in healthcare hit my inbox. And I immediately thought of one of our fellows within Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities: Mia-Marie Hammarlin, Senior Lecturer and Researcher: Media and Communication Studies; Journalism; Ethnology.

Two years later, the forwarded e-mail to her has resulted in a thrilling research project “Vaccine hesitancy among healthcare students in Europe”. The project went from a research idea to a research conference in Paris with papers and discussions in March 2023, with Mia-Marie as the first key-note speaker on Difficult Conversations: A Talk on How to Meet Anti-Vaccine Opinions”.

Thanks to the research project, Mia-Marie Hammarlin found collaborations not only in Europe, but also within our own university. The EU brings people closer, that’s for sure.

Next week, Lund University will be hosting the EUGLOH summit 2023 and one of Birgit Rausing Centre of Medical Humanities closest affiliates, Max Liljefors, will be speaking on “ Art and Health”. Let’s hope that medical humanities will be mentioned not only in passing, but as a necessary, strategically important, area for both research and education within the European Union.

June 9, 2023

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