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Academic staff at Lund University, and indeed at all Swedish universities, divide their time between three major assignments: Tasks within education, within research and collaboration with organisations outside academia. Collaboration also includes outreach to society, as for example various popular science activities.

The staff at Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities are no exception. They all started working at and with the Centre in late January 2022, little over a year ago. The researchers who work for us form the core of the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities. Their respective backgrounds, academic or clinical, vary, and while they’re temporary and part-time employees at the Centre, they remain firmly anchored in their respective disciplines and departments. You can meet them all here.

With our plan of operations as reliable handrail, our staff have been delivering one activity after another – accompanied by additional suggestions on how to reach the overarching objectives.

What better way to describe what it is Birgit Centre for Medical Humanities is up to than to convey the projects our staff is currently working on?

When looking at the list of projects, it occurs to me how most of them intertwine education, research and collaboration. As well as showing off that true interdisciplinary approach we hold so very high at the Centre. This makes it difficult to put them into a certain order, so I won’t even try to put labels on anything – I’m going to let the projects and the ideas speak for themselves. Some of them will get more than one blogpost. This doesn’t necessarily make them more important than others, it’s just an attempt to go easy on our readers.

March 3, 2023

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