15th anniversary of the course “Medicine as Humanities”

During the past couple of years, the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities has (co)arranged many different events (see previous blog post about events here): Scientific workshops and conferences within our research theme, Empathy and Compassion, popular science events such as “Kunskapskrogen” and lectures by prominent international stars. We have been responsible for network meetings with and for national, Nordic and Baltic networks in Medical Humanities and arranged meetings, “Afternoon tea”, for staff within the university with an interest in Medical Humanities.

Why have we invested so much time and effort in events? Well, to put the limelight on our centre, which we’re so very proud of, naturally. But also, to use events as a way to find those who share our passion for medical humanities, within and outside the Lund University. New ideas from new contacts have contributed to both energy and concrete collaborations, a genuine sense of positive movement forward.

But we don’t and won’t forget about one of our foundations. On October 3, we will therefore highlight the course “Medicine as Humanities”; It celebrates its 15th anniversary this year! We have therefore invited former students, teachers, and other enthusiasts to a “Medhumeristic” alumni event. The programme (in Swedish, see below) contains flashbacks but also insights into current projects. We will hear voices from alumni about how the course “Medicine as Humanities” has come to influence their lives as professionals and human beings. And there will be plenty of time to reconnect with old acquaintances and, of course, to find new ones.

Responsible for the symposium on October 3 is none other than the professor, the myth, Mr. Medhumeri himself: Anders Palm.

Previous blog posts about alumni-related work within the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities can be found here and here.

September 13, 2023

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